Why does Auxilium Health Network have a focus on family medicine?

Everyone’s health journey is personal and unique – and there’s no better steward for your health and wellness than a doctor who can treat a wide variety of illnesses and injury, plus work with you on prevention, overall wellness and patient education. A central point of contact for your family’s health results in faster diagnosis and recovery, plus efficient pathways for specialized care whenever it’s needed.


What is a family doctor?

A family doctor – also known as internal medicine physician or internist – is well-versed in whole-body health. Family doctors diagnose and treat a host chronic and acute illnesses, monitor ongoing issues and offer preventative care (such as well visits, vaccinations and physicals).


A family doctor is invested in you as an individual, not just as a patient. As the relationship between you and your family doctor grows, your care becomes more global, personal and collaborative.


What is a specialist?

Specialists have training in more narrow areas of medicine, such as oncology (cancer) and cardiology (heart health). Many specialists have an even more specific focus – for example, pediatric cardiology.


Your family doctor is the best resource for deciding when it’s necessary to seek the care of a specialist and will be in communication with the specialist regarding your medical history, continuing care and any special considerations. Your specialist care remains in your family doctor’s medical file, which helps inform future decisions about your health and wellness.